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Write a Some of My Best Friends are Metaphors Poem


Think of a friend. Someone who you know very well. Try to write down a list of ten objects that remind you of your friend. Now try to turn the list into a poem. This strategy could also lead to an instant poem about a member of your family, a teacher or even one of your pets.

Method: Choose a she or a he


She is Calico Corners and country kitchens
She is the smelly soap store
She is a summer stroll on the boardwalk
She is the bash at Symís
She is a convertible with the top down
She is a gold bracelet that shines
She is an autumn wreath on the front door
She is fabric by the yard
She is a framed watercolor painting
She is my best friend

Best Friend

She is an old tree trunk where we hide our secret notes
She is penny chews bought from the old lady's penny tray
She is sardines and cake for tea on Wednesdays
She is her mum, still very tall to my small
She is dancing classes on Saturday mornings
when we can't go out to play
She is Dandy the beagle who we walk by the river
She is funny extra teeth that will have to come out before long
She is a window full of jewels in her dad's shop near the cathedral
She is my best friend

by Jill Pryor