Write an Instant Color My World Poem


Line 1
Name a color


Lines 2-4
Name 3 things that are that color


Lines 5-7
Name 3 things that sound like that color


Lines 8-10
Name 3 things that taste like that color


Lines 11-13
Name 3 things that feel like that color


Line 14
What can that color do?



a bruise on your leg,
bunches of grapes in a bowl,
a sweater that goes great with black,
the sound of power,
fruit juice poured into a glass
a school bell ringing, ringing
Grandma's rhubarb pie.
cold medicine served up on a tablespoon
squishy cough drops,
velvet covered cushions
pointy tip pentel markers,
the sky before lightning starts
Purple can take you for a sweet ride.