Write an Instant "If (emotion) were a..." Poem


Line   1: Enter An Emotion (i.e. happiness, anger, fear, delight, Joy, etc.) 
Line   2: If (emotion) was a color,
Line   3: It would be
Line   4: As as a .
Line   5: If (emotion) was a taste
Line   6: It would be just like .
Line   7: If (emotion) was a feeling
Line   8: It would be as as a .
Line   9: If (emotion) was a smell
Line 10:  It would be as a .
Line 11: If (emotion) was a sound,
Line 12: It would be as a .



If anger was a color
It would be bright red
As fiery hot as a volcano. 
If anger was a taste
It would be just like red peppers.
If anger was a feeling
It would be as turbulent as pot of boiling water on high flame.
If anger was a smell
It would be awful as a landfill on a summer's day.
If anger was a sound
It would be loud as a parent when you come home late for dinner.