Write an I Like Animals Because Poem


Line 1: Name your favorite animal (plural)

Line 2:
I like them
Line 3:
Ask me why.
Line 4: Because they (write a reason)

Line 5: Because they (write another reason)

Line 6: Because they  (write another reason)

Line 7:  Because they (write another reason)

Line 8:  Because they (write a descriptive phrase)

Line 9:  Because they (write another descriptive phrase)

Line 10:Because they (write another reason)

Line 11:Because they (write another reason)

Line 12:
Line 13:
Line 14:
Because. That's why


I like them.
Ask me why.

Because they hold their heads up high,
Because their necks stretch to the sky,
Because they're quiet, calm and shy,
Because they run so fast they fly,
Because their eyes are velvet brown,
Because their coats are spotted tan,
Because they eat the tops of trees,
Because their legs have knobby knees.
Because. That's why

I like giraffes.