Write an Instant Name Poem


Line 1 - (type your first name)

Line 2 - "It means"  (write 3 adjectives that describe you)

Line 3 - "It is the number" (type any number you want)

Line 4 - "It is like" (describe a color but don't name it)

Line 5 - "It is "  (name something you remember experiencing with family or friends that makes you smile to recall)

Line 6 - "It is the memory of" (name a person who is or has been significant to you)

Line 7 - "Who taught me" (write 2 abstract concepts, such as "honesty")

Line 8 - "When (write about something that person did that displayed the qualities in line 7)

Line 9 - "My name is" (type your first name)

Line 10 - "It means" (state something important you believe about life in 1-2 brief sentences)


It means friendly, outgoing, happy,
It is the number 500,
It is like the morning sky,
It is eating Buffalo wings at a buffet,
It is the memory of Joe Workshop Heckler,
Who taught me perseverance and good humor,
When he tried my patience,
My name is Shawn,
It means I believe in laughing whenever possible.