Write an Instant Spring Poem 


1) Think of a spring word (like leaves or flowers or spring or pick one from our spring word bank below) and write it on the first line.

2) Write the first word again on the second line and add another spring word to it.

3) Write the same two words again on the third line and add another spring word and so on until you have ten words in all.

Spring Word Bank

Bud April Iris Sun May
Leaf Flower Breeze Wind March
Rain Bees Seed  Kite Showers
Daffodil Earth  Tulip Robin Birth



Line 1 one spring word

Line 2 one spring word plus a second spring word

Line 3 one spring word, a second spring word and a third to make a sentence

Line 4 add one more spring word until there are ten or so words in all



Spring brings
Spring brings flowers
Spring brings flowers back

Tulips grow
Tulips grow tall
Tulips grow tall and strong