We love hearing from educators and poetry fans who are regular visitors to our Instant Poetry Forms website.  Check out some of the wonderful messages we’ve received.  (Wow! That feels good!) We certainly appreciate the feedback and your kind words of encouragement. Please keep those emails coming…

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your Instant Poetry Forms web page. I have used formula poetry with students to encourage creative writing and discovered your website last spring. I have used it repeatedly since then with reluctant student poets, and have had outstanding results.  The formulas free them from worrying about the mechanics and "Did I do that right?" to let them focus on content.  After they have used the formulas for a while they often blossom into competent poets on their own.  I have often shared the URL with teachers and workshop participants. Thankyou for providing such an outstanding tool.
(T.S. Norman, Oklahoma)

I love your Poetry Site!!  What an awesome way to encourage the individual creativity of many students (any learning ability).  I have already passed on the website to a few teacher friends who work with students over the summer.
(D.M. (New Jersey)

Thank you so much! My students had an absolutely fabulous time checking out the Poetry Links on the ETTC Greatest Hits page.  They LOVE THAT LINK :)  Seriously, the children loved exploring the poetry forms and I am grateful to have another vehicle to help them express themselves. 
(S.F., New Jersey)

We love the site.  Keep up the great work!
(M.S., Lawrence, KS)

I love the improvements and, just in time!  I have two second grades, two fourth grades and a sixth grade tomorrow and they will all get to experience your handiwork.  Thanks so much.
(P.B., Wilmington, NC)

“I teach at the Hong Kong International School.  Thank you!  Awesome website.  Such creativity, so helpful to kids.  Pushes them to use challenging vocabulary.  Develops a love of poetry.”

“Thanks for your poetry site! …I found your site in a Google search, and thought I’d credit you and “borrow” some of the Instant Poetry Forms.  I will start them on the All About Me poem – it seems like something that will attract even those who are timid…Thanks again.
(C.D., Missouri)

“Great web site.  I can’t wait to try the ideas with my class.  They will love doing it on the computer.  Thanks.”
(L.T., no state)

“Thanks so much…What is really nice is that I can give my students a safe website to share with their parents.”
(N.M., New Jersey)

“I visit classrooms on a daily basis.  Just wanted to let you know that I did a formal observation of a teacher using one of your Greatest Hits websites - Instant Poetry Forms.  It was great and the teacher was very excited.  Good things are happening here.  Thanks again.”
(J.L., New Jersey)

“Hi!  Just wanted to let you know that I have started using this site with my 6th grade writing classes and it is the best.  The students love it and they ask if they can write more poems during study halls and at home.  Thank you so much.”
(M.B., Wisconsin)

“One student who attends the after school program held in the computer lab asked me if it was okay to make a poem like he did with you earlier today.  I said, “Of course!” Thought you would like that.”
(M.C., New Jersey)

“Currently I am an NCLB supervisor…I write poetry in my spare time and do all sorts of writing workshops throughout the area.  Writing, especially poetry, is my passion.  That’s why I adored your website.  It will allow me to encourage others to try their hand at poetry. I plan to use it with my students to create poetry books for the holidays. Perhaps they will come to enjoy the genre as much as I do.  Thanks for your hard work and for this phenomenal site!”
(J.P., Washington State)

What a great resource for teachers and students!  Thank you so much for the time and effort given to creating this website and your generosity in sharing it on the web!
(C.A., Arizona)

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