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This is the poem that
in the



And when

this is the poem that



Poem of Sustenance
This is the poem that stands
in the moonlight singing,
that rises from sleep
because in darkness stars
are seen, because in darkness
you see what you will
and in darkness you dream.

And when fear washes
you away and the moon
is a cold light vanishing,
this is the poem that swims
among the coral casting
its net for the small
yellow fish or the stars.

by Sheila Bender

Sasha & Shana
This is the poem that aches and bleeds
from the deepest part of you
that stabs at your heart, that keeps hurting
because the healing hasnít started
because the knife is still there.

And when the bleeding stops
the pain lessens, slipping down the hall,
silently on catís paws with pale pink pads.
This is the poem that lets go
of what canít be held onto
wisps of grey fur drifting across the floor.

by Alysa Cummings