Write an Instant Verb Verse Poem

Directions: For this three line instant poetry activity, first think about something you do.  Then brainstorm six verbs that go with that action.  Then just fill them in the blanks below to make your instant verb verse.


Line 1: Verb One         Verb Two                     Verb Three
Line 2:
Verb Four        Verb Five                     Verb Six
Line 3: Write a
sentence here that shows how you feel about this activity 



Boom, rattle, crash
Duck, run, hide
I hate broken windows!

 Accuse, deplore, criticize
Grumble, differ, whine.
Do you ever stop complaining? 

Vault, leap, spring
Sky, pop up, jump.
I can slam dunk a basketball!

 Speak, chat, discuss.
Communicate, gossip, chatter.
I love to talk on the phone!

Thanks to Leann Cox for sharing her Verse Verse idea with us